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2016 Archives

December 30, 2016
America’s Climate Denial Madhouse / Science Note: Resilient Killifish / Beyond the Headlines / BirdNote: Winter Brings Snow Buntings / Sounds of Winter / Dear Tomorrow: Letters to the Future / Sound of the Earth: Birds at the Southern Edge of the World

December 23, 2016
Holiday Special-Aine Minogue Celebrates Hope In Celtic Holiday Traditions / Holiday Special-Sparky and Rhonda Rucker Celebrate Hope in the Traditions of Slaves / Holiday Special-Stories of Hope from Noa Baum

December 16, 2016
Trump’s (Mostly) Anti-Climate Crew / Beyond The Headlines / Bad Air As Stock Market Bear / Fossil Fuel Freedom Fighters / BirdNote: Northern Goshawk / Tom Friedman on the Age of Acceleration / Friendship, Faith and Firefighters

December 9, 2016
Dakota Access Blocked / Freshening China’s Fish Farms / Beyond the Headlines / Tom Friedman on the Age of Acceleration

December 2, 2016
Canada Climate Masterplan / Beyond The Headlines / Making Plastic Can Increase Pollution / Note on Emerging Science: Engineering a High-Yield Soybean / Jellyfish Are Taking Over! / BirdNote: Frigatebirds Are Seafaring, But Water-Averse

November 25, 2016
Blackfeet Tribe Regains Sacred Land / Leasing U.S. Lands for Sunshine / Beyond the Headlines / High Tech Rain / Plants Fight Climate Change / Farming Carbon

November 18, 2016
U.N. Climate Progress in Marrakech / Dakota Pipeline High Stakes / Organic Cranberries: Perhaps More Delicious? / BirdNote: Audubon's Wild Turkey / Time Travel: A History

November 11, 2016
The Trump Shade of Green / Green Ballot Measures / New Report Shows Steep Wildlife Decline / Science Note: Rats Against Poachers / DNA Tech for Rhino Protection / Mark Seth Lender: Giraffe Brotherly Love / The Well-Tempered City

November 4, 2016
World’s Biggest Marine Reserve Created / Beyond The Headlines / Bag Share / Science Note: Nanowire Battery Breakthrough / Tesla Unveils Novel Solar Roof Tiles / People and the Electric Grid / BirdNote: The Stealthy Shoebill

October 28, 2016
Carbon Tax Up for Vote in Wash. State / Beyond The Headlines / Wildlife Trafficking on Oregon Ballot / Climate and Ozone-Friendly Coolants / Svalbard Coal / Seeds on Ice: Preserving the World’s Agricultural Heritage

October 21, 2016
The Libertarian Choice / Beyond the Headlines / Standing With the Standing Rock Sioux / The Place Where You Live: Glacier National Park / Science Note: Pigeons Flag Lead Pollution / The Lion in the Living Room / BirdNote: Swallows in Winter

October 14, 2016
Clinton's Green Agenda / Breaking Down Clinton’s Climate Approach / The Fillery: Shopping Without Waste / Beyond The Headlines / Science Note: Ancient Turtle Revelation / Turtles Hatch!

October 7, 2016
Trump on Climate / Paris Agreement Becomes International Law / Game-Changing Rules for Endangered Species / Beyond The Headlines / BirdNote: When the Amazon Floods / The Hidden Life of Trees

September 30, 2016
Jill Stein and the Planet / A Speedy Road for Paris / SEC Probes Exxon / Paris Dirty Car Ban / BirdNote: Sandhill Cranes Wait Out the Storm / Beyond the Headlines / Urban Foraging at the End of Nature

September 23, 2016
Saving East Coast Sea Life / EPA Sued Over Ocean Acidification / One Smart Slime-Emerging Science Note / Wine, Water and Natural Gas / Beyond The Headlines / Hubbard Brook: An 8,000-acre Test Tube

September 16, 2016
Standing Rock And The Feds / Beyond The Headlines / War Veterans Farm For Health / From Orange To Green / 'Fish Guy' Aims To Scan All The Fishes

September 9, 2016
U.S. And China Ratify Paris Agreement / Dakota Pipeline Fight / Eminent Domain For Pipeline Profits / Beyond The Headlines / Avian Malaria Flies North / BirdNote: Common Mergansers / The Fever of 1721

September 2, 2016
Climate Disruption Fuels Stronger Storms / Gulf Oil Leases Spark Outcry But Little Revenue / Linking Fracking and Radon / Science Note: A Parasite Setback / Beyond The Headlines / BirdNote: The Zone-tailed Hawk / Your Brain On Parasites

August 26, 2016
Losing Frozen Earth Could Cook the Planet / U.S. Methane Emissions Drastically Underestimated / Turning up the Heat on Frigid Offices / Better Office Air Makes For Better Thinking / Pawpaw: America's Forgotten Fruit

August 19, 2016
Climate Change Threatens Trillions Worth of Financial Assets / I Feel the Earth Move / The End of Night / Conserving the Dark / The Night Bird / A Prayer to Share Earth as a Commons

August 12, 2016
Flint, A Poster Child for Environmental Racism / Illuminating Fishing Nets Prevent Bycatch / Calling Over Boat Noise is Making Orcas Hungry / Rising Seas and Real Estate Prices in Fort Lauderdale / Boston's Not-So-Dirty Water / The Human Cost of Boston's Harbor Clean-Up / Kittiwake: A Life on the Edge

August 5, 2016
Pre-Natal Exposure to DDT Boosts Breast Cancer Risk / BPA Exposure Linked To Poor Parenting / Poachers Slip through Underfunded Wildlife Enforcement / Wildlife Drones Stymie South African Poachers / Drones are the Future of Agriculture / Planting the Seeds for Women Farmers

July 29, 2016
Democratic Convention: Beyond the Headlines / Compressor Station Controversy / Boston in a Warmer World / Brexit and the Environment / Woodwell - A World to Live In / The Place Where You Live: Bear Creek, WI and St. Paul, MN

July 22, 2016
America’s Deadly Power Plants / Beyond the Headlines / High Tech Hunt for Methane Leaks / Emerging Science Note: Walking Fish / The Value of National Parks / The Hour of Land

July 15, 2016
Congress Approves GMO Labels / Stopping the Public Coal Swindle / Nesting Turtles at Home in Suburbia / Beyond the Headlines / The Whistling Caribbean / When Mother is a Hungry Bear

July 8, 2016
CA Nukes To Shut Down; NY Nukes Troubled / Beyond the Headlines / Squash Bee: The Pollinator That Follows Farmers / Gardeners Create a Bountiful Backyard and Find Love / Finding New Tyrannosaurs

July 1, 2016
Republicans Vote to Block Military Climate Planning / Beyond the Headlines / Emerging Science Note: Backyard Garden Threat to Bees / The Value of Weeds / Roadsides as Vital Habitat / Whizpops: Teaching Science to Kids

June 24, 2016
US Helps India Finance Solar / Counting Horseshoe Crabs to Save Them / The Nautilus at Risk / Beyond the Headlines / The Great White Shark Scientist / Up Close with Penguins, Our Fellow Pedestrians

June 17, 2016
Air Pollution and Mental Illness / Congress Modernizes Toxics Law / Ag Chemical Company Mergers Raise Anti-Trust Concerns / Cancer Concerns Cloud Herbicide's Future / Atrazine, Wildlife and Workers / Beyond the Headlines / The Puffin TV Show / Birdnote®: Common Murres

June 10, 2016
UMass Becomes the First Major U.S. Public University to Divest / Beyond the Headlines / Mothers Raise the Alert on Gas Leaks / Congo Pushes for Mega-Dam Project / Opening Glen Canyon

June 3, 2016
Coping with Massive Forest Fires / Beyond the Headlines / Climate Change and the National Parks / China Grows More Trees / Iron-eating Bacteria / Heart of a Lion

May 27, 2016
Trump’s Other Wall / Local Impacts of Exxon’s Alleged “Climate Deceit” / Kids Win Another Landmark Climate Ruling / Saving the Bay Area / SunEdison Falters; Solar Still Sunny / Beyond the Headlines / BirdNote®: Eastern Wood-Pewee

May 20, 2016
Trump: Climate and Paris Skeptic / Conservatives Tend To Ignore Liberal Talk About Climate / The Politics of Teaching Climate Science / Climate Benefits if New Federal Fossil Energy Leases are Banned / BirdNote®: Drinking on the Wing / Beyond the Headlines / Checking Up on Native Plants

May 13, 2016
Exxon, the Climate and Senator Whitehouse / Senate Energy Bill / Gas Boom Goes Bust / Beyond the Headlines / Back to the Land in the Flower Power Era / King Penguin Chicks Hunger for More

May 6, 2016
US-EU Trade Deal Controversy / Huge $$ Advantage from Renewable Energy / Suing to Save the Monarch / The Monarch Needs More Than Milkweed / Beyond the Headlines / Port Damages Miami Reef / Coral Bleaching in Kiribati

April 29, 2016
Baby Powder User Awarded Cancer Damages / Beyond the Headlines / Remembering Chernobyl / Chernobyl Wildlife Thrive 30 Years Later / The 2016 Goldman Environmental Prizes-Part II / Puerto Rican Scientist Saves Leatherback Turtles and More from Hotel Development

April 22, 2016
UN Climate Chief Calls for Urgent Action / Paris and Climate Justice / Next-Gen Climate Activism / Beyond the Headlines / Happy Birthday, Living on Earth! / The 2016 Goldman Environmental Prizes / The 2016 North American Goldman Prize Winner, a Student from Baltimore

April 15, 2016
Youth Win Right to Sue Feds Over Climate Change / Beyond the Headlines / I Feel the Earth Move / Controversial Arctic Cruise / BirdNote: Spider Silk and Birds’ Nests / Revisiting Africa’s Great Green Wall / Great Green Wonder of the World / Elephant Matriarch Puts Her Foot Down

April 8, 2016
The Terrifying Math of Melting Ice Sheets / Climate Change Threatens Trillions Worth of Financial Assets / Louisianans Rally Against New Gulf Oil Leases / Marsh Restoration Revisited / Bayou Restoration Progress / Beyond the Headlines / The Place Where You Live: Morro Bay, California

April 1, 2016
New York Confronts Exxon On Climate Risks / Dam Funders Halt Support After Murders In Honduras / Beyond the Headlines / Clearing The View For The Grand Canyon / Sexual Harassment Blights National Parks and Forests

March 25, 2016
Lead Found in 2,000 US Public Water Supplies / Beyond the Headlines / Reducing the Costs of Air Pollution / Science Links East Coast Snows to Arctic Warming / Polar Bear Cubs in Danger / BirdNote®: Strange Birds from Down Under / London Fog: The Biography

March 18, 2016
Where Kasich Stands on Climate Change / Network TV Cuts Climate Change Coverage / Does Climate Change Cause Extreme Weather? / Late Night Workers Stuck On the Platform / Beyond the Headlines / Big World, Small Planet / BirdNote: The Florida Scrub-Jay

March 11, 2016
Honduran Environmental Activist Murdered / Shell Sued In UK Over Nigerian Pollution / Sanders and Clinton on Flint Crisis and Fracking / Rising Seas and Real Estate Prices in Fort Lauderdale / Beyond the Headlines / Emerging Science Note/Carbon-Cleaning Icebergs / Penguin Colony Uprooted by Ice in a Warming World / Stealing Dirt: A Thieving Penguin

March 4, 2016
India’s Solar Power Plans Hobbled by US / Beyond the Headlines / Monarch Butterflies on the Rebound / Pollinators In Trouble Worldwide / The Great California Almond Pollination / Good Bacteria Could Save Amphibians / Sustainable Coffee Keeps the Planet in the Black

February 26, 2016
El Niño Brings Hunger Emergency / Drought and African Wildlife / U.S. Climate-Changing Emissions Drastically Underestimated / Proposed Rules to Curb Methane Leaks / BirdNote: Early Bird Gets the Nesting Site / Beyond the Headlines / Fungal Diseases Surge, Threatening Species Around the World / Microbes Fight Fungal Disease in Frogs

February 19, 2016
Obama Calls For New Oil Tax / Beyond the Headlines / Converting the Economy to Renewable Energy Without Big Batteries / Race and Reclaiming a Refuge / BirdNote: The Feathers that Carry Water / Killing Wolves in British Columbia / What a Wolf's Howl Says / Wolves Have "Howling Dialects"

February 12, 2016
High Court Puts Clean Power Plan On Hold / Beyond the Headlines / Sierra Snows Ease, But Won't End California Drought / Sex and Sustainability in the Sea

February 5, 2016
Great Bear Rainforest Protected From Massive Logging / Beyond the Headlines / A Novel Way to Capture and Release the Warmth of the Sun / What's New for Electric Cars / A Vision to End the Hassle of Urban Parking

January 29, 2016
Zika’s Emergence in a Changing Climate / The Campaign and Climate Change / Flint and Environmental Racism / Defunding the Clean up of Abandoned Coal Mines / The Paris Climate Accord Could Activate A Powerful Part of the Clean Air Act / Beyond the Headlines / BirdNote: Costa Rica's Morning Chorus

January 22, 2016
Flint's Drinking Water Disaster / El Niño on a Warming Planet / Beyond the Headlines / The End of Night / Conserving the Dark

January 15, 2016
President Obama and the State of the Environment / GOP Campaigns Diverge on Climate Questions / The Changing Climate in the GOP Race / Financing the Renewable Revolution / Saving a Bear Cub / Polar Bear Summits Talus Mound

January 8, 2016
Massive Natural Gas Disaster Hits Los Angeles / Renewable Energy Boosted in Federal Budget Compromise / Cleaning Up A Coal-Fired Power Plant / Beyond the Headlines / Debunking the Myths About Hunger

January 1, 2016
Christmas Candles / Mary’s New Year’s Eve / Superbowl Sundae / A Green Message for the Next Generation / A Mainer's Family Wintertime Traditions


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