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2017 Archives

April 28, 2017
The Goldman Winners 2017 / Marching for Science / Alaskan Bears and Wolves Under Gun / Wildebeest Jousting / Comments from Listeners / The Traveler’s Guide to Space

April 21, 2017
Marching for the Earth and Science / Passing Up the March for Science / Lead Safety Budget Cuts / Beyond The Headlines / Science Note: Ant First Aid / How to Save Most Species / We Are All In This Together

April 14, 2017
EPA Boss Under Fire from Left and Right / Beyond The Headlines / Roundup® Maker Sued Over Cancer Risks / Science Note: Why Lyme Disease Thrives Up North / Climate Change and Your Health / Death and Life of the Great Lakes / Purrfect for Cats and Coffee

April 7, 2017
Keystone Fight Renewed / Clues to the Long-term Effects of Gulf Spills / Yurok Tribe Losing Salmon and Way of Life / Remembering Sir Derek Walcott, Nobel Prize-Winning Poet / A Blueprint for $1 Trillion Infrastructure Spending / BirdNote: Thieving Frigatebirds

March 31, 2017
Trump Dumps Fed Climate Programs / Science Note: Cooling the Arctic with Guano / Chemicals Reduce Sperm Counts / BirdNote: “The Golden Pendulum”: Montezuma Oropendola / Watching the Arctic Melt / A Way to Refreeze the Arctic / Mallards Brave New England’s Winter Surf

March 24, 2017
U.S. Nixes G20 Climate Finance Declaration / Science Note: Enduring Swifts / El Niño Returns? / The Place Where You Live: The American River, Sacramento, CA / Strangers in Their Own Land: Anger and Mourning on the American Right

March 17, 2017
Environmental Protection on the Chopping Block / Inoculating the Mind from Climate Misinformation / BirdNote: Swallows of Capistrano / Gov. Perry Takes Over the Energy Dept / Lessons From Mexico About the Deepwater Horizon Disaster

March 10, 2017
Ryan Zinke, Interior Secretary, Sportsman and Conservationist / Smog-Shrouded London / Dangerous Drifting Particles / Beyond The Headlines / Women and Bicycling / Why I Wear Jordans in the Great Outdoors

March 3, 2017
Auto Makers Move to Stall Efficiency / Exxon Cuts Oil Sands Reserves / Beyond The Headlines / Moose in Trouble / Corporate Cash Derails Democracy / BirdNote: Robin Redbreast

February 24, 2017
Standing Up for Science / Science Censorship Ended in Canada / Greening the Military / Beyond the Headlines / BirdNote: Crossbills Nest in Winter / Science Note: Yellow-Shafted Flickers See Red / “The Book That Changed America”

February 17, 2017
Pruitt and Conflicts of Interest / Catholic Call Against Corruption / Coal Mines and the Stream Protection Rule / A Coal Miner’s Take on Stream Protection / Beyond The Headlines / Radiation Spikes At Fukishima / Up-Close With Massive Elephant Seals / An Elephant Seal Pup Nurses

February 10, 2017
A Carbon Dividend Plan / Beyond The Headlines / BirdNote: What's in a Name? / Sex and Sustainability in the Sea

February 3, 2017
How Green is Judge Gorsuch? / Standing Down at Standing Rock / Canada’s Choice: Tar Sands or the Climate / Beyond The Headlines / Golden Gobi Grizzlies

January 27, 2017
Boston Women March for Science / Climate Policies a Target for Trump Administration / Beyond the Headlines / Science Note: New Threat for California Condors / Pesticides Harm Most Endangered Species / The Place Where You Live: Spuyten Duyvil Creek / Defending the Gulf Coast / BirdNote: Owl is Mobbed

January 20, 2017
The Social Cost Of Carbon / Beyond The Headlines / Small Whale Entangled in Big Threat / City Lizards Adapt Fast to Urban Living / Figs: The Vital Forest Species

January 13, 2017
Yes, It’s Getting Hotter / Beyond The Headlines / Coal Country Wants to Believe Trump / Dark Side of Obama's Climate Legacy: $$ For Overseas Coal Gas & Oil / BirdNote: Whistling Birds / Missing Granny the Whale

January 6, 2017
Saving Bears Ears / Beyond The Headlines / Decoding Influenza / Hog Farms and the Flu / Let Sleeping Seals Lie! / Pioneering Women in Science


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