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Salmon in the Pacific Northwest


Sixty years ago, the vision of President Franklin Roosevelt helped to harness the Columbia River for its power and brought immense change to the Pacific Norhwest. Now the idea of engineered rivers is provoking intense debate in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Sandy Tolan reports on the past, present and possible future of the powerful river.

For the first time in history, an entire US city is coming under scrutiny of the Endangered Species Act. Can salmon and people coexist in urban areas? Living on Earth host Steve Curwood straps on his boots and gear for a trip to Seattle.

The Pacific Northwest once supported one of the world's largest fishing fleets. Today, few remain, and the fishers must use costly techniques to prevent catching endangered runs of salmon. Living On Earth's Terry FitzPatrick examines the forces that will determine the future of salmon fishing.

The story of an incredible journey: from shallow water in a gravel stream bed, through concrete dams, out the mouth of the great Columbia River, three thousand miles to Alaskan waters and back. Sandy Tolan reports on the lifecycle of a spring chinook salmon and all it encounters.


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