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Published: August 11, 2012

Cover: Extreme Conditions
Salmon Without Rivers : A History of the
Pacific Salmon Crisis

by Jim Lichatowich

Island Press

here to order the book from amazon.com

Cover: Tankers Full of Trouble
California's Salmon and Steelhead : The
Struggle to Restore an Imperiled Resource

by Alan Lufkin (Editor)

Univ California Press


here to order the book from amazon.com

A Common Fate : Endangered Salmon
and the People of the Pacific Northwest

by Joseph Cone

Oregon State Univ Pr


here to order the book from amazon.com

Come Back, Salmon : How a Group of Dedicated
Kids Adopted Pigeon Creek and Brought It Back to Life

by Molly Cone, Sidnee Wheelwright (Illustrator)

Sierra Club Juveniles

here to order the book from amazon.com

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