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CURWOOD: If you like hiking and adventure, if you like breathtaking scenery and the excitement of seeing big and little animals up close in the wild, then I have a last chance invitation for you to join me beginning May 1st on safari in Africa.

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CURWOOD: We’ll start in Kruger National Park in South Africa, hiking during the day and heading out by four-wheel vehicle at night. We can expect to see anything from baby elephants nursing to leopards on the hunt, and experience the big sky and powerful quiet of the bush.

And just when we think there could be nothing more like Eden, we’ll head down to the wild coast of Africa on the Indian Ocean to hike, paddle and ride horses along remote estuaries and beaches. This part of the safari will be led by the AmamPondo people, who are devoting their lands to eco-tourism instead of the mining operations that threaten this pristine habitat. Accommodations will be in simple camps that tread lightly on the land.

There are two ways you can join me on this caravan. You can win a trip, or guarantee a spot by buying a ticket now. The details are the living on earth website – that’s livingonearth.org. But don’t dally. The eco-tour is just about full and this is the last call. That’s livingonearth.org for the African Safari with me, Steve Curwood

CURWOOD: Coming up: a town faces extinction in the face of a drive to create more wilderness. You’re listing to NPR’s Living on Earth.

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