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California and Nevada Stations


Burney/Redding: KNCA 89.7FM - Saturdays, 10am–11am

Chico: KCHO 91.7FM - Sundays, 6pm–7pm

KCHO's programming can also be heard in:
Redding - 88.9FM

Hoopa: KIDE 91.3FM - Sundays, 2pm-3pm

Mt. Shasta: KNSQ 88.1FM - Saturdays, 10am–11am

Philo: KZYX 90.7FM - Saturdays, 6am-7am

Redding: KFPR 88.9FM - Sundays, 6pm–7pm

KFPR's programming can also be heard in:
Chico - 91.7FM

Sacramento: KQEI 89.3FM - Saturdays, 4pm-5pm, Sundays, 1am-2am

San Francisco: KQED 88.5FM - Saturdays, 4pm–5pm and Sundays, 4am-5am

KQED's programming can also be heard in:
Sacramento - 89.3FM

Willits: KZYZ 88.1FM - Saturdays, 6am-7am


Las Vegas: KNPR 89.5FM - Saturdays, 4pm–5pm

KNPR's programming can also be heard in:
Beatty - 91.7FM
Caliente - 88.5FM
Round Mountain - 89.3FM
Scotty's Junction - 88.1FM

Lund/Ely: KWPR 88.7FM - Saturdays, 4pm-5pm

Panaca: KLNR 91.7FM - Saturdays, 4pm–5pm

Tonopah: KTPH 91.7FM - Saturdays, 4pm–5pm


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