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May 29, 1992

Air Date: May 29, 1992


Biodiversity Treaty Finalized

Steve talks with Richard Mott of the World Wildlife Fund about the UN treaty on species preservation slated for signing at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. The treaty requires wealthy nations to help developing countries pay the costs of conservation programs, a commitment which has led the US and some other wealthy countries to say they may not sign it. (05:15)

Fight Over California Water Moves to Congress / Maia Krache

Maia Krache of member station KQED in San Francisco reports on the continuing impact of the California drought and competing efforts in Congress to change the rules of the state's massive Federally-owned water system. (09:03)

Fighting Pesticide Poisoning, on Stage / Claire Greene

Claire Greene reports on the new play Heroes and Saints, about pesticide-related illness in California migrant labor communities. (06:19)

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Biodiversity Treaty Finalized

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Fight Over California Water Moves to Congress

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Fighting Pesticide Poisoning, on Stage

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