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CURWOOD: After our recent story about government fuel economy standards, we asked what you thought. Should light trucks and recreational vehicles meet the same mileage standards as passenger cars? Overwhelmingly, those of you who called and wrote in, said yes, they should be held to strictest standards. And a number you thought the government should go even further.

YANUCK: Hi this is Scott Yanuck, I just heard your story on WFUV. I favor going with a gas tax, bring it up to the level that Europeans pay, maybe two dollars, two fifty a gallon total. That would get people to buy cars that would be more efficient.

CURWOOD: Sydney Goodman, a New Jersey engineer who listens on WNYC in New York wants the government to institute "feebates." That means people will get financial incentives such as rebates to buy more efficient cars. Under Mr. Goodman's plan, if you want a gas guzzler, you'd have to pay a premium for it. But some, including this listener to WYSU in Youngstown, Ohio said the light truck mileage rules should be left alone.

OHIO LISTENER: I don't feel that these other vehicles, minivan and sport utilities should be subjected to the same standards. There are some high mileage cars sold right now and they are not fantastically big sellers. I don't feel people want them. You should let the marketplace decide.

CURWOOD: And our final word this week comes from a listener to WFIU in Bloomington, Indiana.

D. WORKER: My name is Dwight Worker. I bought my Geo Metro in '89 because of the fuel efficiency. Since then I have averaged 47 miles a gallon with it. I paid $7,000 for this four-door car, with quadrophonic sound and I've driven it a hundred thousand miles without ant serious problem. I figure my Geo saves me over 2000 dollars a year in gas and lower insurance and car payments. The money I save goes to my children's education and for my home. I see a lot of people buying $30 and 40,000 dollar status mobiles and I feel they deserve all of the indebtness and stress and the overtime that comes with it. I'll take my savings over their materialistic and spiritual deficits any day.


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