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Letters From Listeners

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A sampling of call-in and written responses to some recent Living on Earth reports.


CURWOOD: And now it's time to hear from you, our listeners.

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CURWOOD: Our report exploring possible links between anti-Federal activism and anti-Federal violence in the West brought this comment over the Internet. "Most of the people in the Wise Use Movement care as much about the land as environmentalists. And many are much closer to the land than the urbanites who make up most of the environmental movement. These people are naturally offended when they hear themselves described as enemies, and so they have become enemies. Not of the environment, but of environmentalists. The strong implication you give is that environmentalists are fighting the good fight, but they are being obstructed by a bunch of right-wing nuts. This is not an accurate description of either environmentalists or of the rural people in the county movement."

And we received this call from a listener to KALW in San Francisco.

CALLER: You did a really good job of tying in this county rule movement with the Wise Use Movement, which is an anti-environmentalist movement. And even with the militia movement. I'm very concerned that with all this talk of how these county rule people pulled guns on this Forest Service agent, you did not mention that the Wise Use Movement that is controlling this whole mess is founded by industries in this country.

CURWOOD: Our story about Portland, Oregon's free bike sharing program prompted WKSU listener Steve Brownfield of Akron, Ohio, to write. "To truly protect our environment," Mr. Brownfield says, "we need to change our mindset from mine to ours. These yellow bikes help to educate people to share. We need to support, encourage, and use such programs as the yellow bicycles."

Our coverage of New York City's crackdown on thefts of newspapers put out for recycling led a listener to WETA in Washington, D.C., to suggest that some of the alleged newspaper thieves might actually be welcome elsewhere.

CALLER: This is Cynthia Greeley calling from Washington, D.C. In Washington, thanks to Mayor Barry, we've been told there will be no more pickup of recyclables, and we're wondering what we're going to do with all our stuff. That poor fellow from Virginia who drove all the way to New York to make $200 probably could have done a public service by staying closer to home. Thanks.


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