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Earth Ear: Maple Sugaring

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Maple sugar season is over. Mark Seth Lender recorded the last batch of boiling sap at Moore’s Sugar Shack in Westbrook, CT. Sweet!



GELLERMAN: The longest maple sap run in Connecticut in recent years has just come to an end for Jacob Moore. He's ‘sugar-master’ at Moore’s Sugar Shack in Westbrook.


GELLERMAN: Producer Mark Seth Lender captured the sounds of the very last batch of boiling sap sugaring down into the thick, dark, sweet stuff. And he found out that it takes about 40 gallons of maple sap to produce just one gallon of syrup. You can see some of Mark’s pictures at LOE.org.


Jacob Moore of Moore’s Sugar Shack in Westford, CT load the firebox for sugaring down maple syrup. (Mark Seth Lender ©)



September 24, 2010 Back Story: Listen to a short interview with Mark Seth Lender about the swallow funnel along the Connecticut River.

November 20, 2009 Back Story: Listen to a short interview with Mark Seth Lender about Wild Turkeys.

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