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CURWOOD: There’s more to come on Living on Earth, including the story about how the ugly toadfish can become a prince, and help save human lives.


CURWOOD: But first, I want to invite you to join me this May on an Eco-Tour of some of Africa’s great natural areas. We’ll start off on a driving and walking safari in South Africa’s amazing Kruger National Park.

Now we could spend all day watching the baby elephants at play, and how they sometimes get in the way of the adolescents trying their trunks at sparring, or, we could track leopards, carefully. The last one I saw in Kruger gave me a look that said, for now, I’m not worth the hassle of trying to eat.

Then we’ll head down to the wild coast of Africa on the Indian Ocean, where we’ll get on some horses and ponies to explore the Amadiba tribal area. Don’t worry if you don’t ride – it’s easy enough for beginners. We’ll have the chance to canter on endless miles of beaches along the ruggedly beautiful territory that lies between the Mzamba and Mtentu rivers. This is the home of the Amampondo, who have kept their traditions and culture intact. We’ll be their guest in a series of simple camps while we hike, ride and canoe the region.

There are two ways to join our caravan. Go to livingonearth.org and win a trip for two, or reserve a space by buying a ticket right now. For details go to livingonearth.org. That’s livingonearth.org for a chance at the trip of a lifetime. You’re listening to NPR’s Living on Earth.


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