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[MUSIC: West African Balafon Ensemble “Farfina” The Pulse of Life Ellipsis (1992)]

CURWOOD: When the sun sets on the African savannah, it's a good time to go looking for giraffes, at least it was for me one early evening near the border of Mozambique and South Africa. These magnificent creatures with huge, gentle eyes and improbable necks are rather shy, and seek the lengthening shadows when they come out for a chew from the acacia trees.

Behind one tree is the tallest giraffe I've ever seen. It gives us a demure look at we pass by in an open truck. Over there, also close to the trees, and somehow blending in the shadows, a pair, a mother and progeny, perhaps? Oh, now I understand about the spots. They're good for being unnoticed in the murky light at dusk. Soon, the graceful creatures disappear under a starry blanket thrown over the sky, stars I can't see at home. The southern cross and the Magellanic clouds glitter in the clear air of the bush wilderness.

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