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This week, we dip into our mailbag to hear from our listeners.


CURWOOD: It's time for your comments.

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CURWOOD: Listener Aimar Damon heard our interview with Vicki Spruill about the ecology of dining on fish. Mr. Damon didn't expect to find out that wild Pacific salmon are a better choice than their farm-raised counterparts. He writes, "I was surprised to learn that the salmon I eat twice a week is not healthy. I stopped eating most bovine products five years ago and have been buying farm-raised salmon from my local supermarket, thinking I was doing the right thing, both for the endangered salmon and for me."

We reported last week on the political consequences of Al Gore's silence in the debate over Florida's Homestead Airport. The airport has garnered a lot of opposition from environmentalists. But Peter Munsing, who listens to WHYY in Philadelphia writes, "It's sad to hear the environmentalists in Florida be so parochial and narrow-minded that they would allow a Bush victory because Gore didn't meet a test of political perfection. When "President Bush" has the jets flying into Homestead and increases offshore drilling, logging roads in the forest, kills any attempt at getting anywhere near the Kyoto goals, and weakens the Clean Air Act, environmentalists who voted for Nader or who didn't vote can say, "Boy, we sure showed him."

Finally, when Waterloo, Iowa resident and KUNI listener Debbie Kyler heard the National Geographic Expedition we aired last week, she picked up a pen and wrote, "Now that we know that it's our behavior that's causing global warming and the destruction of the Earth's ecosystem, I didn't understand the point of the journey of Mike Fay into the unexplored territory of the Republic of the Congo. Why can't we just leave unexplored ecosystems alone?"



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