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One listener writes in with a “modest” proposal for reducing flatulence -- and another calls with a brief history lesson in civic environmentalism.


CURWOOD: It's Living on Earth. I'm Steve Curwood. The rise of clear-cutting in California sparks controversy and possible legislation. That story is just ahead right here on the program, but first, time to hear what you, our listeners, have to say.

Dan Lefevre caught last week's story about shareholder activists trying to change corporate behavior. He called from Philadelphia, where he hears us on WHYY. Mr. Lefevre says our reporter understated the successes of these activist shareholders.

LEFEVRE: She said that changes at DuPont not to mine titanium and Home Depot's sustainable timber harvest and other examples were incremental changes. And I consider the fact that for large corporate institutions as they are, these are massive policy changes, and a major shift toward an environmental sustainability.

CURWOOD: From Marquette, Michigan, came another call, from Suzan Travis- Robyns, who hears us on WNMU. She said she enjoyed our interview with author Shutkin on his new book about civic environmentalism, but she reminded us that...

ROBBINS: This is not a new environmental strategy. First Lady Ladybird Johnson pioneered civic environmentalism with her beautification program. It was her contribution to her husband's War on Poverty, and it reflected her total approach to social problems.

CURWOOD: And finally, this comment from Nan Brown, who hears us on KNWY out of Yakima, Washington. She heard our update on the new high-tech feed designed by researchers in Scotland to reduce livestock flatulence and the resulting methane. "Bravo to the Scottish scientists," writes Ms. Brown. "My only question: When will it be available for humans, and where can I get some for my husband?" We'll be sure to let you know, Ms. Brown.



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