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Technology Update

Air Date: Week of

Cynthia Graber reports on Robowell, a new robotic water testing device that monitors the quality of groundwater in drinking wells.


(A phone rings. "Water monitor station...")

GRABER: That's not an annoying, computer-generated telemarketer. It's Robowell calling.

ROBOWELL: Current ground water temperature is 11.37 degrees Celsius...

GRABER: Robowell is a robotic water testing machine designed at the U.S. Geological Survey in Massachusetts. And at drinking wells located near landfills and contaminated sites, Robowell can replace costly and too often infrequent human testing. The array of pumps, sensors, and a computer lives in and above wells, regularly checking the groundwater. If contamination is detected, or existing pollution changes, Robowell will phone home. The early warning device can allow researchers to catch contamination before it spreads, and treat polluted water sooner. And that's this week's technology update. I'm Cynthia Graber.

ROBOWELL: Goodbye.



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