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July 10, 1992

Air Date: July 10, 1992


Closing the Door on Public Participation? / Jon Greenberg

Living on Earth's Jon Greenberg reports from Washington on recent actions by the Administration, Congress and the Supreme Court which could reduce public participation in some environmental decisions. (05:08)

The Supreme Court and the Environment

Steve talks with former Reagan administration environmental attorney Richard Lazarus about the US Supreme Court's recent decisions in two major environmental cases. Lazarus says the court's rulings show a lack of appreciation for the development of environmental law in the US over the last 20 years. (05:17)

"Wise Use" vs Preservation in the Adirondacks

Steve travels to New York State's Adirondack State Park to explore the growing conflicts there between preservationists and development interests. The 100 year-old park contains some of the last and largest stretches of near-wilderness in the Northeast, but much of it is privately owned. (10:23)

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Closing the Door on Public Participation?

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The Supreme Court and the Environment

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"Wise Use" vs Preservation in the Adirondacks

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