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February 7, 1992

Air Date: February 7, 1992


Irradiated Food Arrives / David Baron

David Baron of member station WBUR in Boston reports on the debate over food irradiation. After years of testing and controversy, the first commercial shipments of irradiated food have begun arriving in stores. (06:06)

Clinton Profile / Kathy Lohr

As part of our ongoing series of profiles of the major presidential candidates, Kathy Lohr reports on the environmental record of Democrat Bill Clinton. (06:37)

Bounty on Older Cars

Steve talks with Bernard Campbell of DRI/McGraw-Hill about a proposal to sharply reduce air pollution by paying drivers to junk their older cars. Old cars can emit more than 40 times as much carbon monoxide as newer models. (04:06)

Death in the Marsh

Steve talks with Sacramento Bee reporter Tom Harris. Harris is the author of a new book about the poisoning of California's Kesterson National Wildlife refuge and other areas by selenium leached out of the soils of nearby farms by heavy irrigation. (03:47)

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Irradiated Food Arrives

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Clinton Profile

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Bounty on Older Cars

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Death in the Marsh

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