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November 29, 1991

Air Date: November 29, 1991


Saving the Sockeye / Jyl Hoyt

Jyl Hoyt of member station KBSU in Boise, Idaho, reports on the likely economic impact of the recent listing of the sockeye salmon as an endangered species. Only four of the fish made it upstream last year. Saving the salmon will mean higher prices for electricity and farm products. (04:02)

Little Fish, Big Problem / Maia Krache

Maia Krache of member station KQED in San Francisco reports on efforts to get federal protection for the delta smelt, a tiny fish which lives only in California's Sacramento/San Joaquin river delta. The fish is threatened by a reduced flow of fresh water into the delta. But many say releasing more water to save the fish could disrupt California's economy. (06:28)

Congress Prepares to Debate Endangered Species

Steve talks with Rep. Gerry Studds (D-Mass.) about moves to weaken the Endangered Species Act. Studds chairs the House committee which will take up reauthorization of the law when it comes up for review next year, and has proposed legislation to strengthen Federal protection of endangered species. (04:44)

Quayle Under Fire / David Baron

David Baron of member station WBUR in Boston reports on charges that Vice President Dan Quayle's White House Council on Competitiveness has been weakening proposed environmental regulations. (05:19)

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Saving the Sockeye

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Little Fish, Big Problem

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Congress Prepares to Debate Endangered Species

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Quayle Under Fire

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