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Idaho, Montana and Wyoming Stations


Boise: KBSX 91.5FM - Sundays, 7pm–8pm

KBSX's programming can also be heard in:
Lake Fork - 93.5FM

Burley: KBSY 88.5FM - Sundays, 7pm – 8pm

KBSY's programming can also be heard in:
Sun Valley - 91.1FM

McCall: KBSQ 90.7FM - Sundays, 7pm – 8pm

New Meadows: KBSK 93.3FM - Sundays, 7pm – 8pm

Pocatello: KISU 91.1FM - Sundays, 4am–5am


Billings: KEMC 91.7FM - Sundays, 7:05pm–8pm

KEMC's programming can also be heard in:
Ashland - 89.1FM
Big Sky - 95.5FM
Big Timber - 90.5FM
Bozeman - 106.7FM
Broadus - 91.9FM
Chester - 100.1FM
Colstrip - 88.5FM
Columbus - 88.5FM
Conrad - 91.9FM
Cut Bank - 88.9FM
Emigrant - 91.7FM
Forsyth - 91.9FM
Glasgow - 91.9FM
Glendive - 88.5FM
Havre - 91.7FM
Helena - 97.1FM
Lewiston - 88.5FM
Red Lodge - 89.1FM
Shelby - 90.3FM
Terry - 91.9FM

Bozeman: KBMC 102.1FM - Sundays, 7:05pm–8pm

Great Falls: KGPR 89.9FM - Sundays, 12:30pm–1pm

Hamilton: KUFN 91.9FM - Sundays, 12:30pm - 1pm

Helena: KUHM 91.7FM - Sundays, 12:30pm -1pm

Kalispell: KUKL 89.9FM - Sundays, 12:30pm - 1pm

Miles City: KECC 90.7FM - Sundays, 7:05pm–8pm


Gillette: KYPR 88.9FM - Sundays, 7:05pm-8pm

KYPR's programming can also be heard in:
Buffalo - 91.9FM
Cody - 88.5FM
Greybull - 91.1FM
Sheridan - 89.9FM
Worland - 88.5FM
Yellowstone Park - 104.9FM


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