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June 17, 1994

Air Date: June 17, 1994


Greenville Diaznon / Terry Fitzpatrick

Terry Fitzpatrick reports on problems with Diazinon, a common lawn and garden bug killer, showing up in the surface water in Greenville, Texas, a community just north of Dallas. The community launched an intensive public education campaign to get people to stop using the chemical — and it worked. (06:15)

Pesticides Self-Defeating / Ruth Page

Commentator Ruth Page says that, by speeding up evolution among pests which develop genes resistant to the poison, users of pesticides are headed for certain frustration. She recommends the organic alternative: integrated pest management. (02:10)

Caretaker Farm

Steve Curwood visits the spring open house at Massachusetts’ Caretaker Farm, in another in our series on community-supported agriculture. (10:50)

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Greenville Diaznon

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Pesticides Self-Defeating

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Caretaker Farm

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