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July 31, 1992

Air Date: July 31, 1992


Environmental Symbolism on the Campaigh Trail / Jon Greenberg

Living on Earth's Jon Greenberg examines the use of environmental images, symbols and rhetoric in the Presidential campaign. (08:03)

The Greening...and Browning...of America

Steve talks with Thomas Miller of the Roper Organization about a new Roper survey of Americans' environmental attitudes. The poll shows a significant growth in both the number of people deeply concerned about environmental issues and the number of people too concerned with the economy to worry about the environment. (04:27)

...Then Again, Maybe They Shouldn't Tout Their Environmental Records

Commentator and advertising man John Carroll says that three of the four men on the Democratic and Republican presidential tickets are easy targets for environmental attack ads. And he's got some ready to go should he get the call from either side. ()

My Beautiful Eco Laundrette / Sarojini Aryanayagam

Reporter Sarojini Aryanayagam visits Manhattan's first environmentally-friendly laundromat. (05:24)

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Environmental Symbolism on the Campaigh Trail

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The Greening...and Browning...of America

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...Then Again, Maybe They Shouldn't Tout Their Environmental Records

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My Beautiful Eco Laundrette

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