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July 17, 1992

Air Date: July 17, 1992


Warming Up to a Carbon Tax / David Baron

David Baron of member station WBUR in Boston reports on new findings by a group of conservative economists that the US could cut its emissions of carbon dioxide without putting much of a burden on the nation's economy. The findings run contrary to the long-standing position of the Bush administration, and could fuel a push for a carbon tax to help reduce energy consumption and the threat of global warming. (05:07)

Pioneers of Energy Efficiency / Peter Thomson

Living on Earth's Peter Thomson visits the home of Amory and Hunter Lovins, in the mountains outside Aspen, Colorado. The super-efficient, solar-powered house is also home to the Lovins' Rocky Mountain Institute, a pioneer in energy policy and technologies. This is the first of an occasional series on environmental design and construction. (07:50)

New World's Fair

Steve talks with architect William McDonough about the Expo 2000 world's fair scheduled for Hanover, Germany. McDonough has helped draw up design and construction guidelines for the fair, which, unlike many world's-fairs past, will feature energy-efficient and sustainable technologies. (04:07)

Chewing out "Beyond Beef" / John Carroll

Commentator John Carroll skewers the new "Beyond Beef" ad campaign. (03:16)

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Warming Up to a Carbon Tax

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Pioneers of Energy Efficiency

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New World's Fair

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Chewing out "Beyond Beef"

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