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June 19, 1992

Air Date: June 19, 1992


Bush's Environmental Gamble... / Jon Greenberg

Living on Earth's Jon Greenberg reports from Washington on the political context of President Bush's lukewarm approach to the recent Earth Summit. Some observers believe the President gained more with potential swing voters by trying to appear concerned about American jobs than he lost by possibly appearing anti-environmental. (05:54)

...A Gamble He May Lose

Steve talks with Hillary French of the Worldwatch Institute in Washington about Bush's Rio trip and the political events that may follow. French feels that Bush's jobs-vs-environment strategy could backfire. (03:48)

After the Earth Summit, the Real Rio Remains / Peter Thomson

Living on Earth's Peter Thomson reports on Rio de Janeiro's slums, or favelas — the neighborhoods that were left behind in the effort to polish up for the Earth Summit. This report was produced by George Homsy. (05:44)

DC River Cleanup / Rosetta Robinson

Rosetta Robinson reports from Washington on an effort to clean up a badly polluted tributary of the Potomac river. The river runs through one of DC's largely African-American suburbs, and local African-American youths have been enlisted in the effort. (05:22)

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Bush's Environmental Gamble...

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...A Gamble He May Lose

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After the Earth Summit, the Real Rio Remains

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DC River Cleanup

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