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November 1, 1991

Air Date: November 1, 1991


Ozone: Going, Going... / Rebecca Davis

Rebecca Davis reports on reaction to the latest UN report on ozone depletion. The new study finds for the first time that stratospheric ozone is thinning over most of the world for most of the year. The report has again brought calls to speed up the phase out of ozone-depleting chemicals. (05:07)

Flying Blind

Steve talks with Michael Oppenheimer, an atmospheric physicist at the Environmental Defense Fund and a member of the UN’s ozone panel. Oppenheimer says scientists don't know how much worse the ozone-depletion problem will get before it gets better. (06:01)

Jump-Starting Electric Cars / Aaron Cohen

Aaron Cohen reports on the new partnership between the Federal government and the Big Three US automakers to develop a standard technology for electric car batteries. (02:30)

It's All Happening at the Zoo / Laraine Crampton

Laraine Crampton reports from Los Angeles on the introduction of human social and behavioral sciences into zoos. The practice, known as Habitat Enrichment, is part of an effort to recreate some natural cycles for captive animals. (07:09)

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Ozone: Going, Going...

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Flying Blind

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Jump-Starting Electric Cars

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It's All Happening at the Zoo

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