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October 18, 1991

Air Date: October 18, 1991


Eastern European Nukes: Can't Live with em', Can't Live without 'em / Jon Greenberg

Jon Greenberg reports on growing concern over a group of Eastern European nuclear power plants built without containment buildings or backup cooling systems. Many Western nuclear experts say the plants are too dangerous to operate, but the region's economic problems have made them too important to shut down. (05:52)

Is the Answer Efficiency?

Steve talks with energy analyst Bill Chandler, of the Battel Memorial Institute in Washington, about the potential of energy efficiency to offset some of the need for nuclear power in eastern Europe. (04:37)

First Test For Relicensing / Anthony Brooks

Anthony Brooks, of member station WBUR in Boston, reports on the shutdown for safety reasons of the Yankee Rowe nuclear power plant, the nation's oldest operating commercial reactor. The plant was scheduled to be the first to apply for a license extension, but the shutdown threatens to bog down the new relicensing process. (06:00)

Tougher Regulation Ahead?

Steve talks with Paul Parshley, of Shearson Lehman Brothers in New York, about some of the changes the Yankee Rowe closure may signal for the nuclear industry. (04:15)

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Eastern European Nukes: Can't Live with em', Can't Live without 'em

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Is the Answer Efficiency?

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First Test For Relicensing

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Tougher Regulation Ahead?

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