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April 12, 1991

Air Date: April 12, 1991


James Bay Hydro Plant in Quebec / Carol Off

The largest engineering effort in the history of North America is about to begin. Phase 2 of the massive James Bay Hydroelectric Project will provide power to Quebec and the northeastern United States. But local Cree Indians and Inuit worry about the disruption to the ecosystem and their traditional way of life. The CBC's Carol Off reports. (06:15)

Salmon in Idaho / Jyl Hoyt

Dams on the Colorado River and its tributaries have disrupted the annual salmon run. Despite a billion dollars spent by the government to help the fish, few salmon survive the trip back to their freshwater birthplaces to spawn. Jyl Hoyt reports. (07:15)

Few Large Dams Still Being built

Though hydropower provides nearly one-fifth of the world's electricity, fewer and fewer large dams are being built. Steve asks the World Resources Institute's Mohammed El Ashry if the dream of plentiful electricity is vanishing. (04:30)

Running Radio on Water / Steve Curwood

WJFF, a public radio station in the Catskill Mountains of New York, runs its offices and studios on power from a small hydroelectric dam located under the general manager's house. Steve visits the station. (05:00)

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James Bay Hydro Plant in Quebec

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Salmon in Idaho

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Few Large Dams Still Being built

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Running Radio on Water

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