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Promo Salmon Series

Air Date: Week of

Host Steve Curwood forward promotes a special series - Point of No Return: Salmon and Society in the Pacific Northwest - which premieres in next week's program.


CURWOOD: Next week, Living on Earth begins a special series on salmon in the Pacific Northwest. Salmon are the region's signature creatures, but many populations have disappeared in the face of human development and others are on the brink of extinction. The fish are at the center of a fight that could transform life for millions of humans in the northwest.

WOMAN: These fish supported economies, supported cultures. Now what happened was, when we as a society fell into this pattern of delusion that we could have it all, and now we're in a predicament.

MAN: It wouldn't make any difference at all if the salmon were here. How many times a year do you eat salmon? There is no more dinosaurs; do you want them brought back? Times change.

CURWOOD: Starting next week on Living on Earth: Point of No Return: Salmon and Society in the Pacific Northwest.

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CURWOOD: Coming up: Keeping a personal sense of place for almost a century. Meet Miss Emma Buck in just a moment, right here on Living on Earth.



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