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Listener Letters

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This week, Steve reads letters from listeners responding to our discussion of the environmental impact of the fighting in Yugoslavia.


CURWOOD: A quick peek at our mailbag, now.

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CURWOOD: Andrew Fisher, who hears us on WFPL in Louisville, Kentucky, thought we demonstrated poor timing in discussing the environmental impacts of the war in Kosovo with journalist Mark Hertzgaard. Mr. Fisher writes, "To even think that the environment is an issue while ethnic cleansing and mass executions are going on is quite a stretch." But in response to NATO'S bombing of a petrochemical complex in Pacevo, a city near Belgrade, 7 chemists at Belgrade University wrote a letter that found its way to our offices. In it, they describe the potential impact of the chemicals released by the bombing, and they write, "As the spreading of dangerous and toxic vapors cannot be hindered by international borders, this strategy of NATO must be of concern not only to neighboring countries, but to the entire international community."

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