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Steve reads a letter from an environmental engineer who objected to being called a "knothead" by former Idaho Governor Cecil Andrus, during last week’s roundtable discussion about the future of the American West.


CURWOOD: And now, time for comments from our listeners.

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CURWOOD: Our discussion about the changing American west provoked a response from Edward Curtis, who hears us on WUNC in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Mr. Curtis, an environmental engineer who worked on the Columbia River Dam, took exception to former Idaho Governor Cecil Andrus describing people who built dams as "knotheads," because they didn't take environmental concerns into account. "The Governor," Mr. Curtis wrote, "forgets that these dams were built in response to flooding that killed thousands of people in the 1920s." Mr. Curtis also pointed out that hydropower is a clean source of energy. "To replace the dam on which I worked," he wrote, "you would have to build 1 nuclear reactor or build a coal plant that burns 14,000 tons of coal every day. Ask the Governor which he would prefer."

And our story on big game hunts in Pakistan sponsored by conservation groups caught the ear of Anita Harrison, who listens to Living on Earth on WCQS in Asheville, North Carolina. The goal of the programs is to help preserve the species, but Ms. Harrison wondered if anyone was paying attention to the genetic diversity of the animal population. She writes, "Numbers are not always an accurate indication of genetics. And it could be that killing just a few of these animals could greatly jeopardize the long-term well-being of these species."

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