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This week, Steve lets the cat out of the bag as he replies (in verse!) to the many listeners who were alarmed by our recent story on introducing wolves to New York’s Central Park.


CURWOOD: And now, comments from our listeners. Our story on the proposed reintroduction of wolves into New York's Central Park drew a large and howling response. Most listeners were appalled that anyone would intentionally introduce a wild predatory animal into a crowded urban area. Even the experts were taken aback. Thomas McNamee, author of The Return of the Wolf to Yellowstone, was so shocked by the proposal that he had to question its credibility. Mr. McNamee wrote, "I think maybe that wolf biologist profiled in your piece is putting you on." Close, Mr. McNamee. Actually, we were putting you on.

(Wolf howling)

CURWOOD: The howl came swift and certain, unmistakable in tone. "Bring wolves to Central Park!" rang the cry from every home. Listeners said, "You're off your rocker, certifiably insane! The idea was clearly cooked up by a cad without a brain. It's a scandal in sheep's clothing! It could make your heart arrest! It's ridiculous, outrageous, and unspeakably grotesque. Please cancel my subscription and return my pledge to me. You won't catch me supporting wildlife catastrophe." So, we'd like to make amends for breaching journalistic rules. Thus to all our worried friends, we can only say April Fools!

(Goofy music up and under)

CURWOOD: And by the way, we didn't fool everybody.

HUTCHINGS: My name is Mark Hutchings. I listen to WSIU out of Carbondale, and I've got to say your April Fools Day section on releasing wolves into Central Park in New York was very humorous. Thank you.

CURWOOD: And thank you, Mark. You can call our listener line, too, any time, at 800-218-9988. Our e-mail address is loe@npr.org. And the Web page is www.livingonearth.org.



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