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Listeners weigh in on recent LOE stories.


CURWOOD: And now it's time to hear from you, our listeners. Stacy Rowe, a listener to WLRN in Miami, called school superintendent Harold Overman and his staff in Spirit Lake, Iowa, heroes for developing a windmill for the school's electric power, as we reported last week. Writes Ms. Rowe, "In our society where a great deal of people do not practice what they preach, this effort is an inspiration to us all."

Richard Schiffman's report on environmentalism in the Roman Catholic Church prompted Dave Fletcher, who listens to KPBS in San Diego, to urge the Church to change its stance on birth control and abortion. He writes, "One of the major causes of environmental harm is overpopulation."

Two of our recent stories -- one about the pending renewal of Federal transportation laws and the other about the perils of road salt, brought a response from Bradley Berg, who hears Living on Earth on KOAC in Corvallis, Oregon. He writes, "Since becoming acquainted with my neighbor, I've mused on the problems we've created by coming to depend on the automobile for transportation. You see, she's told me of her girlhood, when no cars existed in her small Iowa town. She could hear the church bells ring 5 miles away. Needless to say, the snow-covered roads weren't an obstacle. Her father simply hitched the horses to the sleigh."

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