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Finale: Music and Audience Chant-Along

Air Date: Week of

Stan Strickland leads the studio audience in some chant-like singing from West Africa and ancient America to greet the longer days, and to send off the program.


CURWOOD: Well thanks for playing what you did for the animals, Stan. I'm wondering if you could play something for us, now? I think it would be appropriate for us to honor the winter spirits and call for the return of the sun, huh?

STRICKLAND: Okay. For you human animals, we're going to do an African, a West African welcoming song. And this song is to help us welcome the sun back. So we want everyone to sing with us, okay? It's called Afunga Alafia... (drum beats) Afunga alafia, ashay ashay. Afunga alafia, ashay ashay... and a wa wa wa wa wa wa wa, and a wa wa wa wa wa wa wa... Afunga alafia, ashay ashay... (etc.) A ya ya yo! (audience repeats) A ya ya yo! ... Ha! ayay (audience repeats) (etc.)

CURWOOD: I'd like to thank all our guests today: storytellers Dovie Thomason , Judith Black, Guy Peartree, and Living on Earth's resident animals expert Donna Fernandes. Our music was graciously provided by Stan Strickland and Syd Smart.



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