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Holiday Special Storytelling Show Promo

Air Date: Week of

Next week, Living On Earth presents our Third Annual Storytelling Festival, this year recorded in front of a live studio audience. A quick preview of the Winter Solstice themes of dark and light to come next week.


NUNLEY: Usually on Living on Earth it's a reporter who tells us a story. Who uses words and sounds to take us on an audio journey through time and terrain. But once a year we follow the storytelling road less traveled these days, though our ancient ancestors wore the path well. We invite people to tell stories the old-fashioned way by weaving narratives of happenings real and imagined.

STORYTELLER: In the beginning times the earth was not as we know it today, for it was an earth of darkness. And there was trouble, trouble, in this dark place. There had to be another way.

NUNLEY: Next week, 3 storytellers will spin tales of the Winter Solstice and the unique way in which the world was divided between night and day.

STORYTELLER: And before the argument could erupt again, the Maker raised his hands and said, "This must be settled fairly. We will settle this, as many things have been settled, with a dance contest." (audience laughter) "There will be dancing and the winner, the one who creates the greatest, strongest dance, the one who stands at the end of the dance, that is the way it will be."

NUNLEY: Please join us next week, for more fiction, fable, and fantasy, with Living on Earth's third annual celebration of storytelling.



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