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Reactions to recent Living on Earth segments.


CURWOOD: And now it is time to hear from you, our listeners.

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CURWOOD: Our recent story about electric cars being developed by General Motors and Honda drove several listeners to comment. One took us to task for not mentioning what he calls the most exciting electric vehicle development. "Amory Lovens of the Rocky Mountain Institute has designed a high-mileage, high-range, ultra-light vehicle," the listener writes, "and the Institute has made the patent public domain so it can't be bought by General Motors and sent to the bottom of the river." Well thanks for the reminder. We've told that story before, but so far no one has put Mr. Lovens' car into production.

Dave Johnson of the Space Dynamics Laboratory in Logan, Utah, began his letter about an Air Force plan to expand a training range in Idaho by writing, "Your report was intentionally biased to present an opinion." Mr. Johnson continued. "You cite supersonic flights as a major contributor to the drastic decline of sheep in Idaho, and only casually mention that the herd has been beset by intentional transplantings as well as winter thinning. In the research work that we have done on noise effects on bighorn sheep, there is little or no indication that supersonic booms affect the animals in any way."



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