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Letters Segment

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Recent writings from our audience.


CURWOOD: And now it's time to hear from you, our listeners.

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CURWOOD: "I think it's great that Warren Christopher is talking about global environmental issues, but he shouldn't be so quick to commend China for its environmental record." So writes Lapido Flores of Spokane, Washington, in response to our interview with the Secretary of State. "Has Christopher forgotten about China's Three Gorges Dam, which would wipe out countless ecosystems along the Yangtze River? Or its assault on Tibet, where besides the million people killed, massive clear-cutting is destroying some of the world's last old growth forests."

Arthur Krueger, who listens to Living on Earth on Vermont Public Radio, called to comment on our story about a controversy in New Mexico, where environmentalists have raised concerns about the number of trees harvested by villagers for firewood.

KRUEGER: I think it's gone quite a long way where you have people calling themselves environmentalists and are trying to prevent people from heating their homes using wood. It's a far more environmentally friendly way of getting energy than getting them onto electricity produced by nuclear energy.

CURWOOD: Finally, a listener from Haines, Alaska, writes to commend us on our piece about garbage in Antarctica. "I spent a couple of months at McMurdo Station in 1994," she writes, "and was disgusted at the incredible amounts of waste. What disturbed me further was the disrespect for the environment that the majority of the people on the ice seem to have, especially the US Navy."



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