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Listener Segment

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Reactions to our recent segments on Utah Wilderness and deforestation in Cameroon.


NUNLEY: And now it's time to hear from you.

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NUNLEY: Chemistry professor Conrad Stanitski sent us an e-mail from Little Rock, Arkansas. Dr. Stanitski says our report about hydrogen powered cars should have stressed that they aren't necessarily zero-emission vehicles. Like electric cars they must recharge their batteries on electricity from power plants still mainly generated from burning fossil fuel, Dr. Stanitski explains. Unless solar powered fuel cells are used to generate that hydrogen.

CARTER: Hi, I'm Terry Carter. I'm from Brattleboro, Vermont. I listen to Vermont Public Radio. I just listened to your program about the Federal lands in Utah, which I thought was an excellent program, except I was very disappointed that you failed to mention any Native American perspective on the issue, as I'm sure there are Native Americans out there that have a philosophy and a feeling about the land that goes way beyond any of the cattle people or the Mormons or any of us white people.

NUNLEY: Finally, our story about deforestation in Cameroon prompted Paul Lakosky, a listener to WNYC in New York, to write us about the 30 months he spent in that Central African country. "I lived, worked, and was witness to many things in Cameroon, few of which disgusted me as much as the impunity with which the French lumber and oil concerns operated," writes Mr. Lakosky. "Many Cameroonians depend on the forest for their livelihood. They live in symbiosis with the plants and animals, as did their ancestors for thousands of years before them. Destruction of the forest would end this self-sufficient lifestyle and cause more people to depend on the largess of an already overburdened government."



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