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CURWOOD: Last week we reported on the Disney Corporation's plan for an American history theme park in the historic Virginia countryside. And we asked you if Mickey, Goofy, and Donald should be welcome there. We had a flood of response, and this is what some of you had to say.

CALLER: This is Doug Loman from Eaton, Ohio. I'm dead set against it. I'm tired of this country selling its historical heritage for the all-mighty minimum wage job that's promised to them. This ground is hallowed, and as we are looking on the anniversary of D-Day we need to remember the sacrifices that were made by these young men, on both sides, for what they strongly believed in. Sacrifices that probably wouldn't be made today. Absolutely not, no amusement park on this ground.

CALLER: My name is April Moore. I live in Virginia, not that far from the planned Disney park. And I think it's a very bad idea. Last November, we were just told, suddenly, that Disney was coming to Virginia, but this was before anybody in the area had had any inkling of what was happening. It was done in secret. I don't feel that Disney has been dealing straight with the public. And when they say that they can have environmental protection and growth at the same time, I don't know who they're kidding.

CALLER: My name is Homer Herd. I live in north Florida. If anyone has any seen Orlando before Disney World came there and after, I don't think there would be any doubt but what it would be bad for Virginia.

CALLER: I feel really torn. I heard one of the people that was interviewed saying that development's coming no matter what; it's gonna happen. And if that's the case, which it may very well be, then why not have it be something that's going to provide education like this?

CALLER: Hi, this is Mark Shargel in Santa Cruz County, California. And I think it's a horrible idea. It sounds like they're taking the land that Washington and Jefferson walked on and turning it into another Mickey Mouse house. I think Jefferson and Washington would be spinning in their graves if they could hear about the proposal.



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