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Call for Input and Listener Comments

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CURWOOD: What do you think? Just how much of the bill for the world's population needs should the US pay? Give us a call on our listener comment line at 1-800-218-9988. We got these calls from listeners to last week's show.

CALLER: I appreciated your recent report on development pressures on New England forests. As a forester in a heavily-populated region, I'm very concerned about any threats to our dwindling forest resources and ecosystems. However, I was disappointed at how you ended your report with an indictment of the timber industry in Maine. You diluted what I felt should have been the war cry of the day; that is, the devastating impacts that uncontrolled residential and commercial development are having on our forests and future generations. As the current remaining forests of New England attest, forests grow back after logging. Forests are irretrievably lost to development. Thank you.

CALLER: Hi, my name's Emily Masse and I'm calling from Miami, Florida. I really appreciated your piece on the US military bases and how they contribute to biodiversity, because I am an environmental science major. And I will soon be an officer in the United States military and I appreciate that you all showed some good things that we do. Because I constantly hear that we're the bad guys, with good cause in some situations but we do some good things. And so I appreciate you all recognizing that. Thank you very much.



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