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Call for Comments

Air Date: Week of

Steve puts out the call for listeners to dial our new 800 number (1-800-218-9988), and samples some of the responses to last week's show.


CURWOOD: Your comments and questions about the program are always welcome. Tell us what you think about the declining fisheries. Call 1-800-218-9988. That number again in a moment, after we listen to these comments about last week's report on Norway's efforts to win international approval for its hunt of minke whales.

CALLER: Concerning the whale harvest, we should be hunting those species that have populations that can be sustained with controlled hunting. We, too, have to listen to the people who are the scientists and who know what kind of shape these populations are in. I believe the Norwegian position is correct.

CALLER: I talked to a lot of Norwegians about the whaling problem, and most of them are in favor of whaling. But - and most of them used the same arguments that were on your show. Cold, hard logic and sustainable quotas and all that stuff. But what's wrong with being emotional about protecting the lives of those animals rather than being scientific about it? And I say that as a scientist, myself.

CURWOOD: The number for your comments is 1-800-218-9988. 1-800-218-9988. Or you can write to us at Living on Earth, Box 639, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02238. That's Living on Earth, Box 639, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02238. You can also order transcripts and tapes for $10 each.



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