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The Living on Earth Book Club is Back!

Air Date: Week of

Join Living on Earth for our first in-person author interview since 2020! Host Steve Curwood will talk with bestselling author Sy Montgomery about her new book The Hawk’s Way: Encounters with Fierce Beauty, a celebration of one of nature’s most perfect and mysterious creatures.


From the first moment Jazz, a feisty, four-year-old, female Harris’s hawk, swept down from a tree and landed on Sy’s leather gloved fist, Sy fell under the hawk’s magnetic spell. Over the next few years, Sy spent more time with these magnificent creatures, getting to know their extraordinary abilities and instincts. They are deeply emotional animals, quick to show anger and frustration, and can hold a grudge for years. But they are also loyal and intensely aware of their surroundings. In The Hawk’s Way, Sy passionately and vividly reveals the wondrous world of hawks and what they can teach us about nature, life, and love.

Living on Earth presents this conversation with Sy Montgomery alongside NH Audubon, New Hampshire Public Radio, and the UMass Boston School for the Environment as part of the Living on Earth Book Club.

Join us for this in-person event on April 25th at 5:30 p.m. Eastern at the NH Audubon McLane Center at 84 Silk Farm Rd., Concord, NH 03301. Follow the link below to register for the in-person event or for the virtual livestream.

If you have any questions, please reach out to comments@loe.org.



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