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Keystone Ruling

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The proposed Keystone Pipeline would carry tar sands oil from Canada, across Nebraska, to refineries in Texas.

District judge Stephanie Stacy in Lincoln, Nebraska has struck down the law that gave the state's governor, Dave Heineman, power to approve the route of the Keystone XL pipeline. Her February 19 ruling has been appealed to the Nebraska Court of Appeals, but a final decision on the tar sands pipeline will likely be delayed, perhaps after the US mid-term elections in November .


CURWOOD: By the way, as regards the approval decision Secretary Kerry is in line to make about Keystone XL, a Nebraska district judge has just struck down the state law that allowed Governor Dave Heineman to approve the pipeline's route. The Governor has appealed the ruling, but the litigation is expected to further delay any final decision - perhaps until after the mid-term elections



Bloomberg News Report on the Keystone route ruling


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