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Cool Fix

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Amy Fish reports on an Anglican bishop who’s preaching the green gospel, and practicing what he preaches to boot!


CURWOOD: It’s Living on Earth. I’m Steve Curwood. Coming up: the dog days of summer for Elvis, Rumsfield and other animals at Bedlam Farm. But first this Cool Fix for a Hot Planet from Amy Fish.


FISH: The Anglican Church has vowed to reduce its carbon footprint by 60 percent in the next half century. According to the Church of England, their Creation Care program is the Green Gospel.


Anglican leaders want to equip old churches with energy-efficient lights, recycling bins, and compost heaps. They’re urging worshippers to carpool to Sunday service and to cut back on carbon emissions at home. And they’ve sent pamphlets to every Anglican parish that say caring for the earth is their Christian duty.

But it’s one Bishop’s fiery version of the Green Gospel that’s captured England’s attention. Officially, he’s the Right Reverend and Right Honorable Richard Chartres, Bishop of London, the third most senior member of the Church of England. But now he’s better known as the Green Bishop.

The Green Bishop shocked Londoners by announcing that wasting energy is a sin. He condemned using gas-guzzling cars and excess plane travel as selfish and un-Christian. The London press told him to practice what he preached—and the Bishop took the scolding seriously. He’s now halfway through a year-long flying fast that’s forced him to turn down conference invitations all over the world.

The Bishop is also limiting his car use. He still uses his chauffeured vehicle for the days he wears full regalia. But on other days, the Green Bishop rides the London Underground.

That’s this week’s Cool Fix for a Hot Planet. I’m Amy Fish.



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