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This week, we dip into the Living on Earth mailbag to hear what listeners have to say.


CURWOOD: Time now to hear from you, our listeners. WTSU listener Joe Scanlan from Montgomery, Alabama, applauded Clay Scott's reporting on the Chattahoochee and Apalachicola Rivers.

"Thanks so much for your piece on the continuing struggle between the states of Alabama, Georgia and Florida over the rivers that run through our states" wrote Dr. Scanlan. "Anyone with common sense can see that there is not enough water to supply the continuing explosion of population in the Atlanta region. If something isn't done immediately, our biggest concern will be the continuing shipment of water, not oil."

Our story about the music inspired by the life and words of Koko the gorilla who uses sign language intrigued many listeners. Joel Anderson, who hears us on WVGR in Grand Rapids, Michigan, says he found the interview superb. "This kind of story is all the reason I need to listen to public radio,” he writes. "It's entertainment and education that simply can't be heard anywhere else."

WKSU listener and outdoor sports enthusiast Don May from Copley, Ohio, was excited about our stories on LED technology. "I'm an avid caver, scuba diver, camper and biker," Mr. May writes. "LEDs help solve the battery drain/size/weight problems a lot of us have been having over the years."

And finally, this note on LEDs from Ron Zorger of Akron, Ohio. "I just bought some beautiful blue faceted globe-shaped LED Christmas lights at our local craft store," he writes. "They're more energy efficient and last longer than regular bulbs. They're cool to the touch, and non-breakable, which makes them safer for pets and children and accident-prone adults too."

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