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Living On Earth dips into our mailbag to hear what our listeners have to say about recent stories.


KNOY: Now, time to hear from you, our listeners.

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KNOY: The folks who run Save Our Streams in Glen Burnie , Maryland, appreciated our recent coverage of environmental issues in Russia, including our interview with Mikhail Gorbachev. They wrote to tell us about a related project they're involved in. "Last month, a group of American environmentalists traveled to Russia to train Russian NGOs, academicians, and scientists in community organizing and watershed protection efforts. Now, a Russian delegation is arriving in Maryland, and will stay for two weeks to continue to learn about water quality monitoring and how to effectively use scientific data collected by volunteers. It's a good example of a continuing global partnership."

Clay Commons heard our discussion on environment and politics in the presidential race and he thinks we didn't give one third-party candidate enough credit. Mr. Commons called us from Portsmouth, Rhode Island, where he hears us on WRNI.

COMMONS: Ralph Nader was essentially dismissed as somebody who can't win, and there was no discussion at all of how his views might pull Al Gore to be a bit more of an environmentalist. To dismiss him just because he can't get elected is a little bit lame, I think. He has a lot more effect on the campaign than just electability.



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