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Listener Letters

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One listener calls to set us straight on redwood demographics and another reminds us of the impact of the war on the situation in Ethiopia.


KNOY: Time now for your comments.

(Music up and under)

KNOY: KQED listener Joseph Funk writes from San Francisco about our interview on the drought in the Horn of Africa. "You neglected to mention the ongoing war between Ethiopia and Eritrea," he says. "Vast resources are being poured into a conflict over small patches of relatively unproductive land. While I agree that the international community should have reacted to the drought much sooner," Mr. Funk writes, "the war between these nations is surely aggravating the situation."
From a cell phone in Oklahoma, where he hears us on KROU, Mark Lollar called about our story on sustainable forestry.

LOLLAR: You mention redwood growing along British Columbia. Redwood doesn't grow in British Columbia. It never has. It only grows along the coast of northern California and southern Oregon, a correction I wanted you to make if possible.

KNOY: Some post-facto fact-checking of our own revealed that there are a few scattered redwoods in British Columbia, but they aren't native to the region. Mr. Lollar, who is a wholesale distributor of timber, says we might have been thinking of the western red cedar, which does grow in British Columbia and is also a spectacular tree.
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