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Reforming School Lunch

Published: February 6, 2018

By Jessica Ilyse Kurn

Andrea Northup and students eat school lunch. (Photo: NRDC)

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With childhood obesity rates rising, some activists have set out to reform school food.

The Natural Resources Defense Council gave out this year's Growing Green Award in the Young Food Leader category to Andrea Northup.

Students learn how to cook in one of the activities that is part of the DC Farm to School Network. (Photo: NRDC)

Andrea founded the D.C. Farm to School Network, which aims to make school food healthier throughout Washington D.C.'s 200 public and charter schools.

Andrea has been instrumental in reforming school food through local policy changes such as the "Healthy Schools Act," which provides D.C. schools with financial incentives to serve locally grown produce.

...And she did this all before the age of 25!

Want to know more...take a listen to the audio blog above (stream or download the mp3)!

Learn more about the DC Farm to School Network and about The NRDC's Growing Green Awards.

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