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LOE's Student Produced Web Show (Northside College Prep.)

Published: February 6, 2018

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Franklin Ettinger of Northside College Preparatory High School.

LOE’s Student Produced Web Show

For the past several years, Living on Earth has been teaching kids in inner city schools across the country how to be environmental journalists.

The project melds science and journalism, and with help from mentors at nearby public radio stations, grounds them in the basics of professional radio production.

Today we’re featuring the work of students from the Northside College Preparatory School.

This is the first high school class to make a complete LOE show with the pieces that they created. They recorded the hosts who talk in the show, worked with music between pieces, and compiled everything for the final edition.
Click here to listen to the entire student produced web show.

Individual Audio Segments

Mark Spreitzer’s “Cats and Birds”:
mp3 | realaudio

Jan Olowski’s “Ola–My Connection with Nature”:
mp3 | realaudio

Dan Neely’s “The Chicago River”:
mp3 | realaudio

Franklin Ettinger’s “Cycling in the City”:
mp3 | realaudio

Kevin Edgecombe’s “Street Repair Frustration”:
mp3 | realaudio

Anna Kwidzinska and Owen Reynolds’s interview with the founders of the Black Rhino Foundation:
mp3 | realaudio

To learn more about this school, go to www.northsideprep.org.

To find out more about the Living on Earth Ecological Literacy Project, click here.

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