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Antarctica Series

Living On Earth Reporter Terry FitzPatrick at "Upstream Bravo," a remote field camp where scientists are trying to learn if global warming has caused large sections of the Antarctic ice sheet to break free from the ground below and slip toward the sea.


Published: January 10, 1997

Steve Curwood talks with reporter Terry FitzPatrick about his experiences there and what got left out of the four part series.

Published: January 17, 1997

In this final installment, reporter Terry FitzPatrick shares a personal audio journal of his experiences and impressions while traveling to Antarctica for Living on Earth on a National Science Foundation grant. These days, with hot tubs, VCR's, wet bars, and nude snowmobilers, things have certainly changed since the days when early explorers and their dog teams sank in wooden ships at the bottom of the world. Bottoms up!

Published: April 26, 1996

Terry FitzPatrick reports on the latest research into what is causing large masses of ice to break off the world's frozen continent. If uncontrolled global warming is in fact the cause, predictions forecast a significantly more watery world.

Published: April 19, 1996

The otherwise pristine waters around Antarctica have been a garbage and waste dumping ground for scientific researchers based there for years. Now researchers are working to clean-up their acts as they go. Terry FitzPatrick continues with his 4-part Antarctica series, having recently travelled there for Living on Earth.

Published: April 12, 1996

Untouched by humans for millions of years, the frozen south is now an important outpost for studying human impact on the planet. In the first of a four part series, Terry FitzPatrick reports how greenhouse gases, ozone depletion, and surging tourism are affecting the fragile continent

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