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In this week's radio broadcast

Red Tide Boosts Blue Wave
In Florida a surge of toxic algae blooms has fueled frustration with the Republican Governor Rick Scott. Critics blame “Red Tide Rick,” who is running for a US Senate seat, while he says his incumbent Democratic Senator Bill Nelson is at fault. Politico Reporter Michael Grunwald for a look at how the blooms are shaping the November election.

Beyond The Headlines
Peter Dykstra covers the states where the environment is a hot issue this midterm election season, and then takes a look at one Prime Minister’s plan to plant billions of trees. In this week’s look into the history vault, they discuss the Harding Administration scandal in the 1920’s known as “Teapot Dome.”

A Warmer World Supercharged Hurricane Michael
Supercharged by a warmer world, Hurricane Michael ripped through the Florida Panhandle, with Category four winds and 8-12 foot storm surges. It’s sudden burst of speed is is linked to warmer waters and rising seas, and Penn State Climate Expert Michael Mann says that swift action on reducing climate-changing gas emissions is more critical than ever.

Fly-fishing Saved From Pollution
The trout in Central Pennsylvania’s waterways face pollution from agriculture and development, but the area still has some great fly-fishing. Local conservationists want to keep it that way.

Barbara Kingsolver, Unsheltered
Writer Barbara Kingsolver’s new novel tells the story of one family’s crisis in modern America, and the tribulations of another family that lived in the same house more than a century ago. Barbara Kingsolver looks back at where we were on social and environmental issues, and takes stock of where we are headed.

Vegan Generation Gap
Traditional family recipes can go back through the generations, and that can become a challenge when a younger member of the family goes vegan. Ratatouille can be one answer.

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